ICT for non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations have to turn around every dime a couple of times before spending it, especially if you have to spend it on something other than helping the people that need it most. This generally means that ICT budgets are limited and small (or even medium) sized organisations simply can’t afford to pay for a full-time ICT person.

Frustratingly, external ICT support often ‘doesn’t get’ what non-profit work really entails. Commercial ICT solutions are generally geared towards business use. This means that talking to ICT professionals can be frustrating.

Here at Facilidev, we are able to look at ICT from the non-profit perspective. We have the ‘business logic’ of the non-profit sector running through our veins and have ample experience with the ICT needs of the sector. So if you want an insight of what is possible to address your needs as a non-profit, we can give you advice.

How can we help you?

  • Help you analyse your ICT needs and establish an ICT policy in accordance with your financial possibilities.
  • Training in the practical use of our Logframer project management software