About FaciliDev

FaciliDev is the brainchild of Bart Stevens who has worked his entire career in the sectors of humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation, peace and conflict resolution, and international development. FaciliDev find its origins in the development of a computer application for the development and management of humanitarian and development projects. Initially, this was a hobby project, but as this led to more and more requests for training and exchange of ideas, the need was felt to professionalise. Another main topic apart from project management and logical framework methods is organisational development, a subject which forms the common thread and main focus throughout the career of Bart Stevens.

As the name implies, FaciliDev is all about facilitating the development of civil society organisations. Our belief is that bringing together people into strong, durable organisations that offer quality support to their members or beneficiaries is the best way to achieve change in society in terms of respect for human rights, fighting poverty, ending conflict, achieving sustainable development and so on.

To help people develop their organisation, FaciliDev offers assistance throughout the organisational development process in the form of punctual advice or support over a longer period of time, being with the organisation during all phases of their OD/quality process. To this end, FaciliDev offers (free) information about the topics of organisational/institutional development and project management; practical tools and methods such as the Logframer project design and management software; trainings and workshops on these and related topics – either as one-off events or in the framework of a longer facilitation process.

To help advance the knowledge on the aforementioned topics, FaciliDev actively engages in the discussion via social media and the development of tools and approaches based on the principles of the open source/copy-left movement.