Information management for non-profit organisations

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You probably work with a computer, but does IT work for your organisation?

Do you find the information you need or do you have to plow through countless folders to finally stumble upon an outdated version of the document you need? Do you have an overview of all the information you need to work? Do your employees work together? Is there one source of correct and up-to-date information within your organisation, or is it spread over countless spreadsheets, databases and documents? Do people spend too much time on endless email conversations with countless versions of working documents go back and forth? Are you running from one meeting to the other but do you feel that this does not result in clear decisions and agreements?

Information management is a complex topic that involves all aspects of the (proper) functioning of your organisation. Many organisations have looked for a solution by installing additional software - a database, a CRM system, internal chat, document storage in the cloud ... But it soon turns out that this is not a cheap, fast and simple process and that the flashy features that the supplier has promised you do not turn out to be what your organisation really needed.


We can help you by taking a step back. Before you start to invest, it is important to develop an information strategy tailored to your organisation and its possibilities, challenges and limitations, within the broader environment of your clients, partners, working areas, etc. We help you determine your policy / strategy and to design the information system for your organisation. This system naturally also includes IT and applications, but it is much more than the sum of the technical components. It includes decision-making, internal and external communication in a broad sense, organisational culture, meeting culture, etc. Based on participatory analyses, we help you to draw up a plan to improve information management taking into account the financial and organisational resources you have at your disposal.

Creating an information management plan

We can also assist you with the introduction of new systems by drawing up specifications and selection criteria. Translating the specific needs of non-profit organisations into applications that are primarily focused on commercial use is one of the biggest challenges. This can potentially cost you a lot of money, time and frustration and leave you with a product that does not address your needs as hoped. Our expertise in both non-profit management and activities such as information management and IT ensures that we can bridge this divide and bring your change process to a successful conclusion.

Finally, we may be able to assist with the concrete realisation of your IT projects, such as creating databases (MySQL, MSSQL, MS Access), web applications (PHP) and websites (Drupal), PC applications (C #, VB.NET) CRM systems (including MS Dynamics) and MS Office Automation (VBA). And last but not least, you can of course also come to us for the Logframer project management software and training for project management with and without Logframer.



How may we help you?

  • With the workshop 'Information management for non-profit organisations' you will get a better understanding of the importance of information management, how you can improve the flow of information to make better decisions and collaborate, what the process of improving your information management involves, what potential pitfalls you may encounter and which costs you have to take into account.
  • The 'Basic Information Management Learning path' is a series of workshops to help you to determine your information strategy, to identify the various key components, to draw up a multi-year plan for the development of your system and to identify specifications or criteria to identify potential suppliers.
  • No technical IT knowledge in-house? We can support you in approaching the necessary IT suppliers, in negotiating with these companies, to assist you in the management of your projects and to translate your specific needs as a non-profit in a correct and efficient way.
  • We can help you with the actual realisation of the technical / IT side of your information management with MS Excel, MS Access / MS SQL, MS Dynamics CRM, PHP / MySQL, MS Sharepoint, custom desktop and web applications, etc.